Hannah Waddingham Keeps Mental List of Casting Directors Who Insulted Her

Hannah Waddingham's got a long memory ... 'cause she says she's got a mental list of the casting directors who shunned her over the years -- and, she's ready to get the last laugh. The actress opened up about her Hollywood s*** list during an… ... Continue Reading

Bruce Springsteen Cancels Shows After Doctor Prescribes Vocal Rest

Bruce Springsteen may be The Boss, but he's calling out of work sick ... canceling several shows after doctors said he needed to rest his voice. The singer-songwriter announced the news via Instagram ... posting a statement with The E Street Band… ... Continue Reading

'Little Mermaid' Director Says Disney Needs to Change, Put Wokeness Second

Disney's gone off the deep end with their woke messaging and needs to focus on the building blocks of story, so says the director of several Mouse House classics. John Musker -- who directed the animated versions of "The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin"… ... Continue Reading

Steph Curry Announces Birth of Fourth Child

Steph Curry may be known for sinking threes ... but, ya gotta think four's his new favorite number -- 'cause he just announced the birth of his fourth kid! The Golden State Warriors star took to Instagram to tell his followers he and his wife… ... Continue Reading

Nicki Minaj Seems to Address Police Incident During Birmingham Concert

Nicki Minaj isn't shying away from the haters after her recent run-in with the law ... seemingly addressing the incident to all those people who cracked jokes while she dealt with her legal troubles. The singer-songwriter took the stage in… ... Continue Reading
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