Stan’s Morning Brain Buster

Today’s Brain Buster answer:

FRIDAY 3-15-19

According to Irish legend, there’s one thing a leprechaun can’t do. What is it?
ANSWER: Be female. All of the mythical creatures are male

THURSDAY 3-14-19

72% of people in a new poll say they sleep better and are happier the more they do this?

ANSWER: Clean the house. ​

FRIDAY 3-8-19

Over the span of a year, on average, you’ll do this three times a day. What is it?

ANSWER: Go somewhere in a car.

FRIDAY 3-1-19 Katie Brown WINS tickets to Rhythm Of The Dance, March 22nd at Odell Williamson Auditorium!!!!

On the average, we forget to do this five-times a month?

ANSWER: Use deodorant.

THURSDAY 2-28-19… Eddie Jacobs new it right off!

When it comes to our breakfast eating habits, 10% of us do this unusual thing?

ANSWER: We put milk in a bowl before the cereal.

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