Stan’s Morning Brain Buster

Today’s Brain Buster answer:

Thursday 1-17-19… Lauren Meyer wins!!!!

A new study is out that shows if you have trouble going to sleep, you should try doing this about an hour and a half before bedtime. What is it?

ANSWER: Wearing sunglasses….Lauren wins tickets to see Patti Labelle 1-25 at the Wilson Center

Wednesday 1-16-19…Winner, Winner…. Trina Foy!

65% of fathers do not allow their kids to do THIS while in the house…. What?

ANSWER:: Touch the thermostat.

Tuesday 1-15-19…Donna Pinkham was today’s winner!

The average woman has a favorite one of these for 13 years.


Friday 1-11-19 Congrats Peggy George!

The majority of adults remember their first ______, more than their first kiss.



Thursday 1-10-19 Congrats Fred Ginn from Sneads Ferry…

Around 76% of men spend at least some of their day WHERE?

ANSWER: on their couch.

Wednesday 1-09-19 Congrats Brittany Franklin…Big Winner This Morning!

32% of people haven’t worn one of these in public in 5 over years.. ?


Tuesday 1-08-19

Congrats Bill Tajkowski, this mornings winner!

28% of women cried after seeing one of these for the 1st time….What???

ANSWER: A Wrinkle!

Monday 1-07-19

This animal has between 2,000 and 15,000 teeth. What is it?

ANSWER: A cute little


Friday 1-04-19..WOW! No Winner this morning!

About one in every three wives, wish their husbands would do WHAT more often????

ANSWER: hold their hand more often.

Thursday 1-03-19 and Sheila McNeil wins this morning!

Women are twice as likely as men to say this makes them nervous. What is it?
ANSWER: Winter driving.

Wednesday 1-02-19 Janet Dumas is the 1st winner of the New Year!

According to a recent study, men start turning into their fathers at the age of 38. So what is the number one sign a man is becoming his dad?

ANSWER: He falls asleep in the living room

Friday 12-21-18 Tim Briggman had the correct answer this morning!

The average American family spends roughly $43 on this each Holiday season. What is it?

ANSWER: Wrapping paper.


Thursday 12-20-18…. Congrats to Cindy Soden todays winner!

The most popular non-traditional Christmas gift is a puppy. What is number two?

ANSWER: A trip to Disneyworld.

Wednesday 12-19-18… Congrats to Anthony Skipper todays winner!

Married couples are three times more likely to argue about this during the holidays, than any other time of the year. ANSWER: Family obligations.

Monday 12-17-18…Congrats Dana Stull, winner of tickets to the Viena Boys Choir!

A new holiday survey is out, 10% of adults voted for this as the worst Christmas present a person can receive. What is it? A toaster.

Friday 12-14-18

If you were spending your way through the 12 Days of Christmas, this would be the most expensive. What is it?
ANSWER: Seven swans a-swimming — which would run you more than 13 grand. Five gold rings is a bargain — at just 800 bucks.

Thursday 12-13-18

According to a new holiday survey, 85% of parents say it’s not really Christmas until they buy these. What are they?

ANSWER: Batteries


Wednesday 12-12-18

Research reveals 52% of moms are doing THIS when the kids aren’t home…WHAT? ANSWER: Playing their kids video games….Congrats Andrea Morris…Todays winner!

Tuesday 12-11-18


A new study found that this is the number one thing that annoys us while we are out Christmas shopping….ANSWER People walking slowly.

MONDAY 12-10-18

About 10% of us still have THIS from elementary school… what is it?

The Answer: A best friend.

Friday 12-7-18

According to a Seamless Corporate survey, six percent of bosses did this for the company holiday party last year. What is it?
ANSWER: Hosted it at their own homes.

Thursday 12-6-18

According to a survey, 35% of people have done this at their office Christmas party. What?

ANSWER: Left that party and gone to a better party.


Wednesday 12-5-18

If men have these, they’ll make better life choices?

ANSWER: Daughters.

Tuesday 12-4-18

According to a new survey, 21 percent of Americans buys “at least one” of these to have around for the holidays. What is it?
ANSWER: A random gift — to give to a  random person on the spur-of-the-moment.



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