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Nov 06, 2013 -- 12:38pm

This morning (Wednesday) around 7:35am we were playing the Pop Culture Quiz as usual, looking for the answer of the TV Show and Star. The winner was Lisa Odell. I talked to her a few minutes before putting her on the air like I do with all my winners, and during our conversation I found out Lisa was off work and already doing laundry, that she had to do it on Wednesday's it was the only time she could, since they lost their house in a fire back in June.... Then it was time to put Lisa and her winning answer on the air.

Once on the air I dug a little deeper only to find out that she, her husband and child are living in tents while her husband is rebuilding the house and it would not be finished until the middle of December. She told me a couple of churches had donated blankets to keep them warm during the past few nights of cooler weather. They are cooking over a fire, and have garden hoses strung around the yard.

Her voice sounded so high spirited, I would have never guessed anything was wrong unless I had asked. I also find it refreshing to find such a positive family that knows that they can make it through anything as long as they have each other. Never once in our conversation did she ask for anything, a very humble family.

I was in shock, a loss for words, I didn't know what to say or do... After I had hung up with her, the studio phone began to light up with people wanting to help, so I gave the listeners that wanted to reach out, her phone number. About a half hour later (8:25am) the phones were still ringing.....Then I found out that Mike Riley owner of Soundtronics was trying to reach me, he had heard the story on air and had a 54ft RV for them to stay in until their home was move in ready... and still the calls came in! I then, (just before 9am) received a phone call from Lisa. She was calling back very thankful of all that had called and wanted to give them clothes and food, only problem was they had no place for anything. So I started thinking if we wanted to help this humble, proud family what can we do? So here I am, putting this on our website. If you want to help the Odell family send me an email ( stanleyb@jammin999fm.com ) I will return Lisa's contact info to via email, or at least let you know the latest the Odell family. I keep hearing the old phrase ringing in my head... “A Hand Not A Handout”! This is all this family wants....          


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