Chalkboard Fridge!

May 15, 2013 -- 10:48am

Turning your refrigerator into a giant kitchen chalkboard is super easy.  Not only is it fun to have in the kitchen, you can write reminders on it, grocery lists, let the kids know what's in there for left overs, what needs to be replaced, write the weather on it, the next few days' schedule, draw pictures, the possibilities are endless.  The house we just moved into didn't have a refrigerator, so we had to use the one we had in the garage.  It was a mess of rust and scratches and mysterious contents.  After a good cleaning and lots of sanding, it is reborn as a loved item in our new home.  Here's what you do:

1.  Sand the entire surface of yoru fridge
2.  Lay newspaper on the floor around it.
3.  Get a small 4 or 5 inch foam roller and small tray
4.  One small can of black chalkboard paint.  I found some at the hardware place for about $15.00
5.  Tape off the handles, and apply 3 coats with your roller, leaving a couple of hours drying time in between.  That first coat will be thin and scary looking, the second coat a little better, but the 3rd coat does the trick! 
6.  MOST IMPORTANT STEP:  Once it's dry, get a big piece of chalk and run it on its side all over the fridge,
covering it all with a layer of chalk, THEN wipe it all off with your choice of a dry "eraser".  This will condition your fridge to be a chalkboard and won't leave hard to wipe off ghosting of your first scribblings on it.

Here's mine:

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