The Power of Vinegar

Mar 29, 2013 -- 12:05pm

I used to clean my stove top with ammonia based cleaners of whatever brand, but I was always careful not to let anything fall to the floor because my pooches would always wander and see what yummy crumbs have fallen.  I certainly didn't want them to eat windex soaked crumbs, so I switched to cleaning the stove, counter, windows, practically everything - even the floors with vinegar.  And lo and behold, where have I been, this has improved things around our house immensely.  Vinegar kills most molds, germs and bacteria.  And it's  fine to let some crumbs fall to the floor for the dogs, no more over careful wiping.  I now clean from the top, down.  Counters, then cabinets, then floors.  White distilled vinegar. 


I'm this old and I finally figured this out.    


Here is a link with lots of good info and tips for using whie Distilled Vinegar all over your house:


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