Selling a House

Feb 20, 2013 -- 10:47am

Putting a house up for sale ain't for sissies, I tell ya.  Our quest to buy the property we fell in love with is still ON.  Luckily, as it happens in short sales - the offer is still sitting somewhere, waiting for processing so we have some time to get our home sold.  

We did this one other time when we sold our first house to buy the one we are living in currently, but we were not in that house for very long.  We have been in our current one for nine years.  That's nine years of stuff accummulated, a kid growing from age 2 to age 11, and all the wear and tear a family puts on a home. We unearthed so much clutter from the back corners of closets it was insane.  It's amazing also what you'll put up with in your own home that you would never expect a potential buyer to tolerate.  And ice maker that works only half the time, a big hole in a pantry door, a leaky faucet on the cold water side which we just shut off, so the faucet will run cold to warm to hot - thereby getting both from one. It's all those projects about which you tell yourself, "One day I'll get around to fixing that" that need to suddenly be done.  What a job.  WHAT A JOB!  My poor poor husband.  He is so handy, so we don't have to hire people to fix our stuff,
but it is a lot of work for him.  We just keep focused on the bigger picture, make each other sandwiches and keep on keeping on. Here is what we have found is the best and most streamlined way to do this.

1.  Empty the attic of junk you don't need or want and haul it away.
2.  Purge your home of useless junk items that haven't made it to the attic yet.
3.  Get boxes and stuff them with cluttery - but loved - things to pare down your house for sale.
4.  Use the new fresh storage space in the attic to store these things.
5.  Now you have to some room to move around and fix things, so patch and paint, patch and paint.
6.  Keep a file of the colors you use for the new owners - just a nice thing to do.
7.  If you need to update your appliances, don't buy new, just buy used but newer than yours.  Craigslist is your friend
8.  Clear out all closets and purge purge purge...you don't want potential buyers thinking your home is too small to fit their things.
9.  Keep your mind in a positive thinking mode.  Cleaning and fixing is good for the soul anyway, right?  
10. Finally, clean all your windows. Windex and a squeegee makes this not too bad of a chore.

This all looks good on paper, I know.  But we're at the patch and paint phase right now, and that's the biggest one.

The saddest part of this move is that I will be leaving this bathroom that my husband lovingly made for me. 

We didn't think we would leave our home until we came across the other house.  This is a HUGE sacrifice.  Excuse me while I wipe my eyes for a second.....

Oh and we are keeping the boy's growth notches on the trim in the hallway.  We're going to pry it off and replace it so we can take it with us to the new house.  :)

If you're not selling your house and have the evening free to do whatever you like tonight - ENJOY IT!!!  :)

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