Upsetting the Apple Cart

Jan 28, 2013 -- 11:10am

What was life like before I fell in love with a house?  Not my house.  The house on the loop by which I have ridden by bike for years.  I always saw the pond in front of it as I rode by, but I never paid much attention to the house itself.  It sits back a bit and I always assumed someone lived there. It has been on the real estate market for a year or so, but we only glanced at it, as it was out of our price range. ( We are always casually looking).  Then one day, it appeared with a huge drop in price as a short sale.  BOOM.  What?!  So I'm going to tell you my big mistake. Creeping up the driveway in sweaty hopes that no one is home so I can see it up close and then drive off, I notice the blue lock box on the door.  NO ONE IS LIVING IN IT.  I get out of the car and peep into the windows. Big mistake is getting ready to happen.  I walk around to the back to check out the back of the house. I try one of the big glass doors because I'm nosy that way, I touch and smell everything.  It's open. Here is where I make my big mistake.  I walk in, creep around and immediately fall in love.  Do not ever do this on a short sale house.  ANY house - you could be arrested, though I swear realtors leave a door open so that nosy people like me will venture further than just driving by, love what they see and immediately call the listing agent.  I could be wrong, realtors deny this to me, but I have my suspicions. If I were a realtor, I would absolutely do this if it is in a safe enough area like this one is. I say never do this on a short sale because your chances of getting this love of your life into your hands is much lower than if it were a simple sale. Big Mistake Part II:  I bring my husband to see it too.  HE falls in love.  Now we are two felons, with hearts beating fast for this place. Suddenly we are selling our house, shopping others as a plan B and putting the best offer we can on this home.  This home already has an offer on the table being considered. As short sales go - they say there's nothing short about a short sale - it could take weeks or months for folks with that offer to be notified if it is a go to close or not. Should it close with these other people that can't possibly love it as much as we do, we will have
a period of mourning.  But if they don't make it and our offer is hopefully next, we may have a shot at it.  This means our offer has to say we are ready to purchase, which means quickly selling our house, or doing two mortgages and eating ramen noodles every day until it does sell.  Then we wait to see if we are approved to close the deal.  Another few months. Possibly living in rental should our house sell before that.  Every day is a Drop Zone ride of emotions. Hopeful, to resignation, to depression, to anxiety, to hopeful again.

So what was life like before I fell in love with a house?  Normal, happy (for ignorance is bliss), and calm.  What is life like now?  We are on a quest.  A mase of problem solving, what ifs, and a bunch of hope and encouragement from family members to go for it.  Sometimes something beautiful comes along and upsets the status quo. You have to decide if it's worth going a little crazy to
make it happen.  We have decided it is.  The QUEST IS ON!  We'll see if the universe will appreciate our efforts.  Stay tuned!


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