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Jan 09, 2013 -- 12:09pm


Moonrise Kingdom
How on earth could I have left this one off the list?  Have I gone completely mad??  I loved this movie so much.  It is visually beautiful, quirky, and endearing.
Don't miss this one.  You'll love it!


Dark Shadows
This is a giggly good time!  Johnny Depp does not disappoint.  He gets all the best and funniest lines.  It got swamped at the box offices by Avengers last summer, but I'm here to tell you that you should rent, buy, Netflix this film if you want to have a great time. So many funny lines, so many GREAT pop songs from the early 70's.  SEE IT!!

Life of Pi 
Whenever I think of this movie, I silently scream to myself, "RICHARD PARKER!"  If you've seen it, you'll know what I mean.  I'm going to feature this one in the backyard this summer on thebig projection screen.  It won't be in 3D, but it's still such a great film.  Not only is itbeautiful to watch, but it will leave you thinking for a long while.

People Like Us
Oh this one's a cryer.  The acting is that good between Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine.  This is family drama stuff, but it's a wonderful story and it comes together at the end in such a bittersweet way, you'll feel so happy for them none the less.  I blubbered like an idiot at the end.

Les Miserables 
I already blogged about this one.  I cried, I was amazed, it was a wonder to behold.  Enrich your life immediately by seeing this.  Go.  Now.

Rock Of Ages
Okay. Let me calm down before I set about to advise you for or against this one.  Let me first tell you that I rocked out to 80's music IN THE EIGHTIES.  This Rock of Ages, they're calling it because Def Leppard said, "Okay, sure why not." (?!) was a broadway hit musical.  (A mewwwsical made of my beloved 80's rock songs?!)  So of course it's going to have a major cornball factor with the two leads being a little country bumpkin off the bus and a wisened, almost jaded bartender waiting for his big music break.  Right.  Okay. But then, THEN they (the crazy people in Hollywood) decided it should be a MOVIE.  And oh no, it's not even full tilt crazy yet, they then decided the role of Stacee Jaxx, the over-the-top, over-the-hill, washed up mega rock star of his day, should be played by...oh just sit down and prepare yourselves...by...are you ready?...TOM CRUISE.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  I think I laughed first in that point your finger and laugh kind of way, and then I cried.  I cried for my 80's music having been reduced to Broadway, then Tom Cruise.  Sure he sang well, but I just wanted to slap his wrist and yell at him, "Hands off the Def Leppard, movie boy!"  So, you're on your own on this one.

Dark Knight Rises 
My husband and son watched this one as I worked nearby on the computer. So, having not given this one my full attention, I can't really give you my thoughts on it.  I was however, rivieted by the character Bane and the actor (Tom Hardy)  who played him.  I may have to give this one another go to check this guy out again.
It's you know, Batman.  Again.  (It's also Christian Bale.  Again.  Yummy.)

We Bought a Zoo 
I love this movie. It has grown on me so much, I bought the soundtrack. It's full of soothing, lovely music by Sigur Ros frontman, Jonsi as well as a lot of cool songs you'll recognize that give this almost corny movie some cool factor.  This has become one of those movies you'll stop on while you're flipping around looking for something to watch.  I heart We Bought a Zoo.

Mirror Mirror 
The Snow White movie with Julia Roberts.  This one was a total bore.  zzzzzzzzzzz

Magic Mike 
I have not seen this.  I would feel stupid watching this with my husband who would rather jab at his eyes repeatedly with a fork anyway.  I would feel stupid watching this by myself.  I do not want to watch it with a bunch of overheated women.  So I doubt I will ever see this.

The Amazing Spiderman 
This is the newer one with Andrew Garfield.  As cute as Andrew Garfield is, I still like the Tobey Maguire one better.  The scene I loved in Tobey's is when he saves the train full of people and it wears him out completely, so the grateful people gently carry him into the train car and lay him down.  Then, as they pull off his mask, a passenger sees his face and says, "He's just a kid!" It was touching.  This new Spiderman doesn't have any such scenes that I remember as vividly as that one.  But it's still fun!

Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter  Meh.  I know, you're all, "HUH?!"  and I'm all, "nah".  Lots of people liked this, but I became bored with it.  My 68 year old mother on the other hand LOVED it.  I'm having her examined by a professional soon.  Her taste in movies is bizarre.

Mr. Popper's Penguins 
I have never seen Jim Carrey so calm. He let the penguins have all the fun in this one.  It was a children's book first and Zander loved both the book and this film.  Family movie night stuff for sure.

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