New Heights Tae Kwon Do has a new student!

Oct 31, 2012 -- 11:44am

So we're  signing the boy up for Tae Kwon do at New Heights Tae Kwon Do after an introductory visit yesterday.  We're new to martial arts, but eager to learn.  We realized that our 10 year old son enjoys challenging himself more than challenging others, so though he plays basketball and other team sports, he most enjoys individual sport activities.  Tae Kwon Do seems a natural fit for him. He'll start this week with regular classes with instructor Patrick Sawhill, a third degree black belt.  I liked him immediately when we met.  He is most about the students, their enjoyment, confidence, and the all-around success in many areas of life a child can acheive with martial arts teachings.  It isn't all about fighting and the belt level acheived.  It is about harmony, honor, respect, and much more.  We're looking forward to this new learning experience.  For more information about this unique academy visit New Heights Tae Kwon Do at  


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